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Air conditioning and ventilating systems will not work efficiently or properly when Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) has not been performed correctly or not performed at all. There are many potential problems in the HVAC systems that directly affect energy usage, comfort levels, sound, and indoor air quality.

VPC realized at an early stage, the absence of specialized TAB firms in the Greek market. Furthermore, understanding the importance of TAB in the Commissioning process, as well as in diagnostics and energy assessing, VPC developed an in-house TAB team. All personnel have been trained to the CSA standards and gained experience through numerous projects. VPC can respond to construction commissioning activities by implementing on site TAB. The company owns all necessary calibrated equipment to perform TAB services and statistical verification.

Our services include:

  • DALT (ductwork pressure testing) per SMACNA or EN
  • TAB of air side (providing design air flows and relative pressures)
  • TAB of water side
  • Vibration and noise measurements
  • Equipment start up (AHUs, fans, pumps) and set point setting

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