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Technical commissioning

Technical commissioning as opposed to commissioning process is the hands-on testing, spending your time in the field, cooperating with the various trades to ensure proper operation of the systems. While the process commissioner reviews the construction commissioning forms completed by the contractors, the technical commissioning agent is involved in periodic site inspections to actually observe and review the installation and startup methods to ensure that the contractor’s reports are being completed in the proper manner and systems are operating properly. The technical commissioning process is more labor-intensive in the final phases of the construction process. While the process commissioner may review the final TAB report, the technical commissioning agent will monitor and observe the procedures that are used by the TAB contractor and will verify all readings to ensure the system is balanced properly.

More to that, our team includes commissioning technicians capable of performing all required testing themselves (electrical or mechanical) and our company owns all required instrumentation for that cause. Our specialized and highly experienced team can provide TAB works according to CSA and NEBB procedures.

In technical commissioning functional performance tests are conducted on 100% of the systems with the control contractor to conclusively prove the systems operate in the automatic mode and maintain system setpoints within design and prove the system loops are stable. Our team will physically test 100% of all loops. This is accomplished by physically changing a setpoint and trending the control response over time. This trend graph of actual measured conditions over time compared with setpoints is visible proof that the systems work as intended.

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