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Envelope commissioning

Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) is a systematic process that ensures the building envelope (i.e. roofs, walls, windows, doors, foundations, etc.) are designed and built to meet the owner's requirements.

It consists of documenting the installation process by following the appropriate method statements and QA/QC checklists and performing functional testing at the end of the construction consisting of thermographic survey and air leakage testing.

VPC holds the required certifications and instrumentation to provide thermographic surveys and reports that satisfy the LEED and BREEAM envelope commissioning requirements and to assess any facility for insulation issues.

Constructing an airtight building is critical to prevent unnecessary energy losses, controlling humidity, and minimizing uncomfortable thermal zones in the building. The increasing need for higher energy efficiency in buildings and the need to demonstrate compliance with more stringent building regulations standards is the reason that building air tightness testing is becoming a standard construction procedure

Air leakage testing can be performed by either the use of the buildings fresh air units (if they can be properly controlled and utilized) or using blow door fans.

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